• Tonya King

Day 1 of the 12 Days of Halloween has arrived!

I begin the 12 Days of Halloween with a Kiwi Lane Memory Dex Card share! These are great to embellish a scrapbook page, card or to trade!

Templates used: Haunted (2,5)

Adding crepe paper rosette and a paper bow adds a fun element to the Jack-o-lantern!

Templates used: A la carte Cauldron, Haunted (2,5)

I added tulle as a fun element coming out of the cauldron. This was a simple card only using 3 Kiwi Lane templates!

Templates used: Haunted (1,2,5)

Another simple Memory Dex card using only 2 templates. I added a glittered edged rosette to add another layer to this card. I also used mesh ribbon from the Dollar Tree in the background.

Templates used: Haunted (2,5)

Templates used: Haunted (2,5,) Homegrown 5, Sincerely 1 A

Using the Card Templates is a great way to add more detail to your memory dex cards. With so many Card Templates available, the options are endless!

Make sure to check out my YouTube channel and all of my Social Media links in order to join in the crafting Halloween fun with and all templates (other than Kiwi Club Kit Monthly Templates) can be purchased at


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