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Day 4 of the 12 Days of Halloween showcases Treat Pouches and Gift Card Holders.

Anytime I can make a cute treat holder or a gift card pouch, I jump on it. I like giving gift cards in creative ways instead of just placing it in a card. A pouch adds much more appeal! These were a lot of fun to create!

Gift Card Pouch

Templates used: Haunted 5

I decided to dress-up the backside of the pouch as well to add an extra Halloween greeting to this treat holder!

Templates used: A la carte Cauldron, Accents 3T

I used scrap paper to make this pouch and embellished with stickers from Dollar General from my Halloween stash!

This is treat pouch was made using scrap paper. I also made a crepe paper rosette and glittered the edges.

Templates used: Haunted 2 & 5

I love rosettes and making them for this gift card pouch was a great addition!

Templates used: Holiday 5T

Templates used: Sweet-pea 2

Simple but fun gift card pouch with Halloween flowers as the focus.

Templates used: Floral 1T (base flower) Accents 2T (top flower)

Oh yes! I LOVE CANDY!! This gift card pouch will hold a sweet treat and a gift card treat as well. No tricks here...strictly treats!

Templates used: Haunted 1

With this Halloween being different due to COVID, an alternative to giving out sweet treats would be these cute pouches and gift card holders. I hope you enjoy creating your own version! Trick or Treat! Check out my coordinating YouTube video.

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